Almost every morning, I wake up to “my hungry!” (my three year old’s vernacular). I know that those two words mean that in the very near future I am going to spend at least 10 minutes listing off breakfast foods to which he will answer “No, my don’t want that, let’s just go into the kitchen.”.

We’ll move into the kitchen where he’ll open the refrigerator and stand there for minutes on end, expecting it to offer inspiration to his very discerning palate. His brother will toddle over, taking advantage of the situation by removing items from the door and carrying them all over the kitchen. Meanwhile, getting more desperate to end this debacle, I again remind my three year old how not good it is to stand there with the door open, and sometimes even start offering non-breakfast type foods to try to seal the deal. Eventually, finding nothing except vegetables in the refrigerator, I’ll finally lure him away with one of the first things I offered – usually oatmeal – but with a different topping. He usually has it with a little honey and cinnamon. Today I gave him a squirt of Hershey syrup (rescued from the clutches of his wandering brother). Not what I’d prefer he eat, but sometimes compromise is necessary. Why would I go through this day after day, instead of just taking the choice away from him, some might wonder. Well, I’ve found that if I try to do that, he just won’t eat. Thereby wasting food, time, and probably leading to him snacking the day away.

Later on, I make my green smoothie. Sometimes the kids have some, and sometimes they don’t. Generally they like them, but kids being kids, they have to make life interesting with their unpredictability.

We still eat eggs occasionally, and sometimes I still miss the taste of ham that used to go so well with them. There’s nothing I’ve found in the vegetarian world that matches the slightly sweet and salty taste that I remember. Maybe the desire will fade with time. I find though, without meat, that most breakfast foods are very sweet with no salty flavors to balance a palate. I generally prefer salty to sweet, so I guess the search continues…