Green Smoothies – The Gateway Drink

They’re green.  They’re healthy.  They’re delicious.  And they were ridiculously easy to work into my daily routine.  It’s funny to think that before I started drinking green smoothies, I had never before eaten kale, chard, or a whole slew of other greens that have since become a staple in my household.

It’s been about seven months now since I started drinking green smoothies for breakfast.  Within the first month or two, just by drinking them for breakfast and cutting out meat from my diet, I lost 10+ lbs.  My husband, who was quite a bit overweight, drinks the green smoothies for breakfast and lunch, then eats what he wants for dinner.  In the 6-7 months since he’s started, he has lost 70+ lbs.

Some people might think that mixing greens with fruit would taste horrible.  The truth is, that when you use the right recipe (experimentation is the key), you can’t taste the greens at all.  People might also think that after you drink the smoothie, you’ll want to eat right away.  In reality, green smoothies are very satisfying because of the fiber content.  From my experience, myself, my husband, and friends we’ve served them to, can remain full from one to two cups of smoothie for three to four hours.

A key component to introducing green smoothies into your daily routine, is making sure that they are very tasty to start with.  If it’s not – you probably won’t want to drink it.  My recommendation is to start with a mild green such as spinach, chard or kale.  Fill about one quarter of your blender with the greens.  Then fill the rest of the blender with your favorite fruits.  Bananas, apples, oranges, or berries are all great choices (frozen fruits are great to use too).  Make sure to cut them to a consistency that your blender can handle.  Pour water over the fruit until about halfway up the blender.  Add ice if desired, blend, and enjoy.  As you get more and more used to the smoothies, you can add greater amounts and different kinds of greens.  Not only are they a great, practically effortless, and tasty way to lose weight, but they have also been shown to have many great health benefits for your body.

A great resource that I used to learn more about green smoothies is the book Green Smoothie Revolution: The Radical Leap Towards Natural Health (I have no affiliation with the author, nor am I being paid for an endorsement. But if you click the link and buy it from Amazon I make a few pennies) .  It’s what I read to get started, and I feel like it has some useful information.

So I hope that I’ve gotten you so interested in green smoothies that you want to go out and try them.  And I hope that once you try them and love them, you experience all of the wonderful health benefits that they can offer.  Enjoy!


The Beginning

To make this a proper journey, I suppose the best place to start is in the beginning.  I won’t bore you with all the details, but a quick synopsis won’t hurt too much.  I spent the first 30 years of my life eating meat.  I was almost always a picky eater, though, and admittedly, the meat I would eat was limited to leaner cuts of beef, white meat chicken, and the occasional ham.

As I got older, I began feeling more and more guilty thinking that an animal had to give its life for me to eat.  I was able to push that thought to the back of my mind, however, thinking that it would be too hard to switch to vegetarianism, and that my husband would never go for it.  I think there are a lot of people out there at the same point in their lives.  I’ve spoken to several about it at the checkout counter when they saw what I was buying and asked me if I were a vegetarian.

It was Christmas 2010.  My uncle made (delicious) pot roast for dinner.  My aunt was not going to eat any because she had recently become a vegetarian and started drinking green smoothies.  We discussed her new diet, how much weight she had lost (a considerable amount) and how good she felt.  My husband and I agreed to implement the green smoothies into our diet, but I still wasn’t convinced that we could make the switch.  The next night, as I heated up the left-over pot roast, I knew that I didn’t want to eat meat anymore.  My husband, who had been craving steaks almost every week, also decided that it was time to change.

I can’t say that switching to vegetarianism has been easy – especially for someone like me who enjoys eating out at restaurants frequently.  I also am pretty into food and like to cook a lot.  Doing a massive overhaul of my recipe list is taking some time, but truthfully, a lot of my favorite recipes that I used to make with meat, have been just as good or better without it.  Eating out is a totally different story.

I’m looking forward to sharing life lessons, favorite recipes and outside dining experiences as I progress in this journey with you.  Please feel free to share your own experiences here too!